A chronological perception:

1990 :

Nico Peters ( ancient  kayakist) opened his first shop in Strassen and immediately specialized in endurance sports like athletics, running and triathlon.

From the very beginning on, the team of  Peters Sports was present on many running and triathlon events.

1992 :

The shop moved to Merl into a larger location.

1995 :

Nico Peters ran his last World Championships in Wales. His shop was growing ever after.

1997 :

Arno Kuster joined the team of Peters Sports. He is a kids’ athletic trainer in Celtic Diekirch. In November the shop reopened at Kockelscheuer, where it is still to be found nowadays.


Markus Krempchen, a former fine long distance runner joined the team of Peters Sports.


Since the 29th March the Shop can be found at the adress:

Zone Indutrielle Ronnebesch
rue des Joncs "Bâtiment 19" Howald